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A Bit Much is a new webseries based on William Shakespeare's classic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. The series takes the War of the Sexes out of 16th century Sicily and into the equally scenic and exotic, Camp Messina in upstae New York.


Despite the updated script, costumes, and characters the themes of the series strive to be the same as those of the play. The characters (no longer lords and ladies, but campers and counselors) still struggle with deception, love, friendship, jealousy, and sex. So although Claudio and Hero have become Corey (Jason Toledano) and Haley (Addie Weyrich) they still have to get past awkwardness and meddling in the harried pursuit of that first love. Benedict and Beatrice might have become Ben (Dave Dimitruk) and Bridget (Liv Benger) but similarly they still have to overcome thier snarky senses of humor to be together. The series is in the vain of other popular modernizations such as She's the Man and Ten Things I Hate About You, however it is the first adaptation of it's kind to premiere as a webseries.


Thanks to a very generous donation, writer/director Colleen Scriven and the ABM Team were able to begin production in mid April and episode's began streaming on July 15th.

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